Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Ultimate Grab Bag = Over 400 MB's (50% off for the month of March)

Okay so here's the deal.

Jase was born premature, he is still in the hospital but he is getting better/stronger every day (the distance from parents/siblings to Jase it's a 2 hour drive to the NICU where he is), he was born at just over 3lbs, it was your standard look but dont touch.
Just totally heart breaking if you ask me.

Mum was going yesterday to see him (her husband is not working so she can do this).
We are all so proud of him and of her they did such a great job getting him here and he's toughin it out to stick around.

So Danielle at Home of the Urban Fairy got the bright idea to make the biggest, badest, most awesomest Grab-bag ever (over 400 MB's).

I don't know about you but I just love Grab-bags.
There is 90% of it previewed down below yes, you get to see what you buy fab ah?

Well, it's also 50% off for the month of March.

You can go get it HERE.

Anyway have a look see if you like what you see, I am sure you will, I have bought it and am very pleased with it all.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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