Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Robyn from ScrapperGirl Designs took $52.50 of my money and never came up with the QP's I ordered

Hi there

I just want to let you all aware of my situation that I was in from 18th August 2009 so you don't get caught out by this person like I did.

I asked Robyn from
ScrapperGirl Designs if she would kindly make me some General Baby Boy and Christening QP's (QuickPages) for my son who was 2 months old at the time of the request which she agreed to in a written agreement which I had to sign and email back to her with full payment up front via PayPal of $52.50.

Anyway I emailed her and emailed her and she got back to me a couple of times and send me some sample QP's that she had made which were very girly/flowery no good for baby boy so I explained this into a email and she then sent me 8 zipped download files which only 1 ever worked all the rest were saying "invalid link", I got onto her about this so many times via email and she never replied to me/ignored me totally.
I was emailing her daily or every other day if I could not get to my computer and I never heard a thing back from her about the 7x invalid links.
In the end I did not know what to do so I contacted all her store owners which she sells in and they forwarded the emails to Robyn and she was saying to some her store owners that she has contacted me which was a lie, it never made any different she was just ignoring me.

I know Robyn had a few personal problems at this time but at the end of the day she should of refunded me my money back which she did offer to me in 1 email back on: 15th September, not just ignored me, I even posted on her blog asking her to contact me and again heard nothing. The last time I heard from her was: 22nd October.

She was quick enough to take the money though and she also designed a brand new blog so if she had time for that then how can she not answer my emails...

Julie owner of Pretty Scrappy bless her heart has been fantastic she was the only one to help me out on the Robyn situation, she contact Robyn and again never heard anything and there are friends. She knew how upset I was about this situation and she offered me $55 worth of free kits/QP's from her store as closure to this situation.
This is her store here:
Pretty Scrappy please go and check it out she has lots to offer at great prices.

Julie your one in a million and thanks so much for helping me out after we came to some agreement (which was not even your problem) but that night I actually got a good night sleep without thinking/waking up about it.

I would also like to thank Valerie from
ValerieN Designs as she was also someone that helped me out on the Robyn situation she contacted Julie owner of Pretty Scrappy who then got in-touch with me direct about this matter.

Anyway this is about it if it was not for Valerie and Julie (bless there hearts) then I would off been out of pocket by $52.50 as I also tried to contact PayPal asking for them to refund the money back to me but as I did it private and was out of the 45 days protection they could not help me either.

I just wanted to let you all know what happened to me, it was not a nice experience being ripped off/took advantage of like that.

Please be careful when giving money up-front for QP's or anything, I know that I have learnt my lesson that's for sure.

Take care.