Thursday, 13 May 2010

Brittany from Designz by BE needs our help!

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Brittany from Designz by BE needs our help!

If you go
here your see why she needs your help or you can just read below a message/post from Brittany:
It has been awhile since I wrote on here. Things have been really crazy and well let's face it, a mess.
As most of you know, I'm expecting again. As this news brought us joy and excitement, it also is bringing us depression and stress.
I am currently in the hospital. Limited to 1 hour a day computer use (they say so I'm stress free, but i think they are just mean, lol) and complete bed rest due to a torn placenta causing bleeding and nutrient loss to the remaining fetus.
I am currently 14 weeks along today. It's been hard. My finance is home with my other two children on weekends, during the week he is attending college.
Along with the stress of not seeing my 5 and 3 yr olds, I also lost my medical coverage.
I'm hoping to accomplish some really amazing kits as soon as possible, and hopefully be able to sell them to help pay for some of my medical bills.
Finance just called and said that without medical insurance or money I wont be able to stay in the hospital much longer.

You can also go here to download some freebies:
Please click on the previews to download)

Thanks and any Donations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated!

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