Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Robyn from ScrapperGirl Designs took $52.50 of my money and never came up with the QP's I ordered

Hi there

I just want to let you all aware of my situation that I was in from 18th August 2009 so you don't get caught out by this person like I did.

I asked Robyn from
ScrapperGirl Designs if she would kindly make me some General Baby Boy and Christening QP's (QuickPages) for my son who was 2 months old at the time of the request which she agreed to in a written agreement which I had to sign and email back to her with full payment up front via PayPal of $52.50.

Anyway I emailed her and emailed her and she got back to me a couple of times and send me some sample QP's that she had made which were very girly/flowery no good for baby boy so I explained this into a email and she then sent me 8 zipped download files which only 1 ever worked all the rest were saying "invalid link", I got onto her about this so many times via email and she never replied to me/ignored me totally.
I was emailing her daily or every other day if I could not get to my computer and I never heard a thing back from her about the 7x invalid links.
In the end I did not know what to do so I contacted all her store owners which she sells in and they forwarded the emails to Robyn and she was saying to some her store owners that she has contacted me which was a lie, it never made any different she was just ignoring me.

I know Robyn had a few personal problems at this time but at the end of the day she should of refunded me my money back which she did offer to me in 1 email back on: 15th September, not just ignored me, I even posted on her blog asking her to contact me and again heard nothing. The last time I heard from her was: 22nd October.

She was quick enough to take the money though and she also designed a brand new blog so if she had time for that then how can she not answer my emails...

Julie owner of Pretty Scrappy bless her heart has been fantastic she was the only one to help me out on the Robyn situation, she contact Robyn and again never heard anything and there are friends. She knew how upset I was about this situation and she offered me $55 worth of free kits/QP's from her store as closure to this situation.
This is her store here:
Pretty Scrappy please go and check it out she has lots to offer at great prices.

Julie your one in a million and thanks so much for helping me out after we came to some agreement (which was not even your problem) but that night I actually got a good night sleep without thinking/waking up about it.

I would also like to thank Valerie from
ValerieN Designs as she was also someone that helped me out on the Robyn situation she contacted Julie owner of Pretty Scrappy who then got in-touch with me direct about this matter.

Anyway this is about it if it was not for Valerie and Julie (bless there hearts) then I would off been out of pocket by $52.50 as I also tried to contact PayPal asking for them to refund the money back to me but as I did it private and was out of the 45 days protection they could not help me either.

I just wanted to let you all know what happened to me, it was not a nice experience being ripped off/took advantage of like that.

Please be careful when giving money up-front for QP's or anything, I know that I have learnt my lesson that's for sure.

Take care.


  1. Well said hun and I hope this is enough to open some peoples eyes and get the job done. You know I have nothing but the best of intentions for you.

    hugs, Auds

  2. I do hope that all is sorted for you hun. this is awful, it is hard to believe that there are people that are like this.

  3. this is so bad. Lets hope other people dont fall for this from this woman

  4. Good on you for posting this! People should be aware of the possible dangers when parting with cash, no matter how much money it is. I know how upset you were over this and I am so pleased you've found some closure on it now. It was a wonderful thing Julie did for you, kinda restores balance again. I hope no one else falls pray to anything like this!
    Merry Christmas hunni!
    Pink xxx

  5. Im sorry this happened to you! It is really a shame that Robyn could be so rude. I have sent this letter on to my friends so they know who to purchase from and who not to. I would also like to thank Valerie for helping out a true friend. Even though Julie lives across the pond, she is a true friend in spirit. Love Ya! Lisa (risalenee)

  6. Hi Julie Hun,
    WTG Sweetie, I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns on this matter and Posting the wrong done by Robyn. Hopefully many will see this and know a little better who to trust a little and who not to trust at all. Thank you to Julie from PRetty Scrappy and Valerie from ValerieN Designs also for all the help, really shows the good in some people when someone comes in and trys to right a wrong.
    Many Huggers,

  7. Hi Julie hun, I am so glad that you have posted this about Robyn. I think it is awful and I for sure will not be getting anything from her. I will tell everyone I know too.
    Thinking of you
    Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi hun
    This is terrible. I done understand why anyone can be like this. I do hope the same happens to her one day. As they say, what goes around, comes around.
    Sending you hugs
    Rita x

  9. hello julie
    this is appaulling. I do hope you get your money back. You should do. Good for you letting everyone know about this.
    sending you hugs

  10. Hi Julie

    I'm so proud of you for sticking to you guns over this, i cant believe that another crafter could do this to anybody, i will make sure that i dont purchase anything for this person, it was so kind of Julie & Valerie to help you out as it was not there problem, but it does show you that there a more kind people out there than bad well done Julie.
    Love Brenda

  11. Well done for doing this. How can anyone be like this. It is so bad. I am glad that you have had some help in the matter. But Robyn should pay you back.
    Love Sharon

  12. Hi my name is Charlotte, I have just come across your blog and have been reading what happened. I think this is really bad and I do hope that the woman that did this gives you the money back.

  13. I'm gobbed smacked to think that a crafter could do this to a person, i hope she get what comes to her.

  14. It saddens me to think some body could do this how can that Robyn live with herself i do hope that all crafters snub her siye as i will not purchase anything from her

  15. Hi Julie
    It was so kind of Julie & Valeria to help you out, but it should not have been them it should have been ROBYN HERSELF i will not got to her site any more, i'll snub it God bless and have a great new year.
    Chrtistine From Kent

  16. Hi Julie

    How can this woman live with herself for ripping you off, i know that i couldn't do this to anybody, times are hard enough but to be ripped off, well i do hope that ROBYN gets whats coming to her.
    Elizabeth from Leicester

  17. I think that this woman should be made to repay you and also give you your Quick Pages to for free, for all the hard ship that she has caused you.If i could design i would willingly make you some for you little baby connor i had a look at his pages that you had posted, his adorable.


  18. Hands up to fellow crafters, that helped you out Julie & Valeria deserve a big thank you for there kindness, i'll never buy from this woman from ScrapperGirl Designs.


  19. It saddens me to think that a human being could be so nasty to another person, How can this person ROBYN from ScrapperGirl Designs live with herself for taking you money and not sending you your qucik Pages that you paid her for, Julie & Valeria was so kind to help you, as they didn't have to but it shows you that there are so many nice people in the world still.
    Jessica Bradford

  20. I am so glad you posted this warning to let us all know that some certain people, don't follow any moral or ethical code after they take your money. It's a shame this happened, as it sets a bad example for the rest of us in scrapping buisiness. I am very happy, that at least you got closure on this incident, and things were made right when they were wrong at first.

  21. Hi, I am smazed that this happened in the first place. I will be very careful in future where I get my stuff from. Thank you for letting us all know about this. I do hope you enjoy what you got.
    Margo from Liverpool

  22. Thank you for speaking up about this. It helps prevent it from happening again. We all want to trust but in some cases , it just can not be done. I have forwarded this message on. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this sort of problem. It is not right that you had to go through it either! Hugs, TammyJo

  23. Hello Julie..
    OMG.. Im upset on your behalf.. and I cant understand how this person can act in such a bad way ;o(
    I cant move her to give you your money back, but I can give you my love and support...
    Love Lone

  24. I cant believe this at all. It is the most awful thing I have heard happen to someone. I am glad that you got some help. I will let as many people that I know about this.

  25. I think there's more to this story than meets the eye. So I really don't think you should be bad-mouthing people. As a buyer you should have made concessions such as paying 1/2 up front and the rest on delivery so you are also accountable for a bad transaction.

  26. Hi Anonymous
    (Dated 1th January 2010 at 20:08 pm)

    I have learnt this lesson...
    I will only every pay 1/2 upfront from now on but I was a very trusting person until this happened to me and now I find it very hard to trust people where money is concerned.

    Also I am not bad-mouthing Robyn she had alot of chances to contact me/sort this out with me but she just ignored all my emails and someone else (mentioning no name) which I have proof of (a email reply) was also ignored by Robyn.

  27. I dont know how this person can be saying this. Robyn is the one that was in the wrong not you Julie. I think this person should think about the fact that you are out of pocket and not saying that you are to blame for the bad transaction. They must not think that this is a bad thing to do. I bet they would not think the same if it had happened to them.

  28. Aononymous from Jan. 14,

    You must be Robyn if you think there was nothing wrong and ANY of it was Julies fault. Yes! Julie should have only paid a bit up front but that just shows me what a caring and trusting person she really is. When a sweet person gets jerked around, you feel bad for them too. That means you are a sweet person also!!! Don't worry about the bad mouthing Julie.....there are BAD APPLES everywhere!

  29. Here here Lisa I could not of said it better myself, I could not believe what I was reading oh well I know I have done nothing wrong here, I was the victim in all this.

  30. I think anonymous should re-read the post. There may well be 'more to it than meets the eye' and from Aug until Dec, Robyn was given every chance to say so and choose to ignore the problem, hoping it would go away. Also the contract for the goods stated payment in full up front or you don't get the service, she wanted the service, paid for it and trusted someone to deliver, they didn't so how, please tell, is this Julies fault? Or are we living in such a world where trust is to be abolished? Paying only half up front doesn't guarantee you a service! As to the 'bad mouthing', well its only bad mouthing if its untrue, these are all facts and a good warning to others that the service is bad. No matter how you dress it up Robyn behaved badly and there is no defence for her actions.

  31. Thanks Pink for your message again I could not of said this better myself.

    Robyn asked me to digitally sign a 'S4H Client Agreement' and email it back to her which I did on 24th August 2009 at 8.03 pm (which I still have all the proof/emails etc).

    This was a email from Robyn on 4th August 2009 at 6 pm:
    I Quote from Robyn:
    "I would prefer to have the payment made in advance for the albums I am to work on currently; for ex, the Christening and General Baby albums. I will always send previews of what I've completed, and anything can be changed at your request."

    Well the 'S4H Client Agreement' and quote above meant nothing.

    All I wanted to do was warn others even if you have a 'S4H Client Agreement' it means nothing...

  32. Looks like Robyn is gone! She has done some VERY bad things including stealing other designers items and putting them in her own kits. One of the sites she was selling on shut down because of the controversy. I hope she never resurfaces again! Terrible what you went through!