Friday, 1 May 2009

GallimaufryUK - NDIDDS Big Scrapbooking Competition (The Warm Up Round)


Penni's (whose creative team I was on a while back) is trying to win a big scrapbooking competition, if she wins she will be able to sell her scrapbooking kit on this website here:

So please register and download the below kit, feel free to delete it afterwards if you have no use for it but please go and download it, I would also be very grateful if you would forward this to anyone you know and get them to download it to.

Please download her 1st part of the competition kit here (The Warm Up round):

You could also come back each week for more freebies, the competition will go on until end of May and there is a new download each week (total of 4 more) loads of freebies to download.


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  1. thanks much Julie, what a star you are!